IMPORTANT: Update to Classic System - Display of Passwords (From July 9)

Update 13/7/2018:

The upgrade is underway, however not complete. We are aware of a number of issues surrounding the issues including:

  • Forgot User Name / Password: can error at times. Please contact your sports administrator to re-set your password should you encounter an issue
  • Editing member records: editing member records at Tier 2 (ie State or Centre level) is not allowing for the information to be saved. Please update the required information at Tier 1 (National) or Tier 3 (Club) level to enact the changes
  • Further updates will be available as the upgrade continues to progress.

SportsTG would like to notify all clients of a system upgrade that we will be implementing for our Classic platform in the week beginning July 9.

Currently passwords are viewable in the console by Administrators and they often feature in email receipts/invoices through the use of a merge field. This is changing as all passwords will be encrypted across all modules of the platform (including membership, events, competitions, auctions, ticketing).

What exactly is changing?

  • A members password will be encrypted and therefore not visible in the console. The username is still viewable.
  • The merge field for a members password will no longer be available. This includes in emails, on confirmation screens, or when using an automatic login URL.
  • Passwords will no longer be available to export
  • Email address is now mandatory for all Administrators/Users to allow for the password reset.

What is the new process?

  • If a member is unsure of their user name or password, they can:
    • Click the ‘User Name & Password’ option to retrieve their user name, or their password (to ensure this is turned on for the membership portal please go to: Members > MemberDesq > User Name & Password = Yes)
    • Alternatively, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link in the log in area.
      • Here the member will be greeted with two sections:
        • User Name Retrieval: by adding in their email address, this will send an email with their user name
        • Password Retrieval: by adding in their email address and user name, this will send an email with a link to update their password
  • An administrator can update a members password by editing the member record, however the password will be encrypted. The administrator will be required to add the password into a second verification field before the record can be saved and updated
  • If an administrator has forgotten their password, on the console log in screen ( there will be a ‘Forgot Password’ link that will email the password reset link to the email address against that User.
  • For Events: Team Managers and PIN managers will need to use the Forgot Password feature to re-set their password as it will no longer be emailed automatically

As an Administrator, what do I need to do?

There are a few important things that you can do in the lead up to the release of this significant change:

  1. Review the main System Administrator ‘Details’ within your organisation console (Administration > Details) to ensure the email address is correct.  
  2. Reviewing the Users that have access to the console (Administration > Users) to ensure those that are currently provided with access should retain access.
  3. Ensure all users have an email address in the console against their User account. If they do not have an email address, they will not be able to retrieve their password.
  4. Review the set up of your receipts, invoices and email templates. If the Member Password merge field is being used, this should be removed and replaced with the ‘User Name & Password’ URL. If you require assistance in updating the Receipts and Invoices, please speak with your Account Manager or our Support Team.

This is a significant development within the Classic platform, however one that was vital to make.

Should you have any questions regarding this system upgrade please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team.